You can impact Nikkei Place and the community in a big way.

Your donations allow us preseve and promote Japanese Canadian history, arts, and culture through vibrant programs and exhibits that connect generations and inspire diverse audiences. They also help us ensure independence, respect, dignity, privacy, and choice for seniors taking part in programs and services at Nikkei Place, and promote Ken de nagaiki — a long and happy life!

Cultural programs, educational programs, and exhibits at Nikkei Centre are accessible to everyone in the community from children to seniors. Many Centre run programs are run by volunteer teachers who make it possible to keep prices affordable. There are programs that suit the needs of every person in your family.

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (NNMCC)


• Over 3,500 visitors view the in-house exhibits at Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre
• In 2011 the Japanese Canadian National Museum raised over $100,000 in charitable grants to support our exhibits and projects.
• Collaborating with the Vancouver Japanese Language School and the Powell Street Festival Society, two new outreach exhibits were developed which reach over 20,000 people annually.

Cultural Programs


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Education at the Museum

• Over 1,000 students and teachers joined our cultural and historical education programs.
• Over 100 volunteer hours were contributed to the education programs.
• Ten Journeys outreach kits were used in the schools reaching over 300 students and teachers across British Columbia.
• Our educational program is part of the BC education K-12 curriculum specifically for grades 5, 6, and 11.

The Archives and Collections

• About 4000 photographs, 2500 objects and 350 oral history audio tapes in our collections
• About 5,000 historical items are available online at
• About 200 researchers located information on family histories, genealogy & internment!

“Very informative and insightful into a part of Canada’s history that should be considered through Japanese Canadian experience and voice.”
Teacher Comments


There are usually three to four major exhibits each year, balancing art, history and cultural themes. The museum's goal is to engage the public in the history and culture of Japanese Canadians through interactive exhibits and associated programs. They also offer research services in our archives and collections. The museum upholds international standards for the care and management of our valuable and unique collections. If you have any artifacts, photos or objects you would like to gift to the museum, please contact us at (604) 777-7000.


Nikkei Seniors Health Care & Housing Society (NSHCHS)

Nimi Nikkei Home & New Sakura-so

Your generosity can provide sustainable resources for programs and services at Nikkei Home and New Sakura-so and enable NSHCHS to further realize their vision of "anshin" (relief) for the seniors. Their mandate is to provide affordable housing and supportive services for older adults including meals, health authority-approved personal care services, to engage older adults in educational programs and activities, and to promote and undertake research related to the health welfare of older adults or disabled persons.

Nikkei Home  |  Assisted living for seniors, respecting independence, respect, dignity, privacy, and choice. Trained, qualified and compassionate staff provide personal assistance as needed, 24 hours a day, while enabling seniors to have a large degree of independence, as they choose, in day-to-day living.

New Sakura-so  |  Affordable housing in a secure residence enabling seniors to live independently, yet connected to the community with the support of Nikkei Place programs and activities.