A Legacy of Your Own

A legacy is important because it represents the values that you stood for during your lifetime.

It’s a statement about who you were and things in which you believed. Your legacy is important because it provides you with an opportunity to support the causes and beliefs that you cherished during your lifetime. If you choose to support Nikkei Place Foundation, you will be leaving a legacy that honours your heritage and lays the foundation for a better future for those to come.

Endow a vibrant and dynamic community for the future

When you remember Nikkei Place Foundation in your will, you are helping to endow a vibrant and dynamic community. The combination of cultural activities, langu

age school, museum exhibits, seniors’ programs, seniors’ residence and Japanese restaurant make Nikkei place a hub that enriches the lives of both Nikkei and Canadians. We want to ensure that Nikkei Place continues to provide unique opportunities for young and old in the future.



Why a planned Gift?

Planned gifts are popular because of the financial flexibility and tax benefits they provide. There are several options to help you make wise and prudent gifts. You can support a cause that is important to you or take advantage of the tax benefits all while supporting Nikkei Place Foundation.

“My brother’s artistic nature was greatly influenced by the simplicity of our Japanese sense of beauty–“shibui”–in harmony with nature. He felt that Nikkei Place and its effort to explain the Japanese Canadian history, and to retain the Japanese culture for future generations was a most worthy cause. He decided to support the effort and chose the Nikkei Place Foundation to be the beneficiary in his will.”

Margaret Peters, speaking of her beloved brother, Lawrence Iwasaki

Talk with Us

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Planned Giving Options at Nikkei Place

Support programs at Nikkei Place by making us a part of your estate planning. Your legacy gift will have a great impact on future generations by making a future commitment to Nikkei Place.

A charitable gift left in your Will is an easy and powerful way to support Nikkei Place. Whether a bequest is the first substantial charitable gift you make, or whether it is part of a long history of giving, a bequest is a great commitment to the kind of community you want future generations to inherit at Nikkei Place.

Life insurance
Life insurance can be a charitable asset, enabling you to make a substantial gift in the future even if you do not have a lot of money or assets now.  There are a number of ways to designate Nikkei Place Foundation as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, each with different tax and gifting advantages.

RRSPs and RRIFs can support your charitable interests while achieving significant tax advantages for your estate.  If your RRSPs or RRIFs are not exhausted at the time of your death, the proceeds are taxable in your final tax return.  Naming Nikkei Place Foundation as the beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF can offset up to 100% of taxes owed in that return.

Charitable remainder trusts
Charitable remainder trusts allow you to donate property but maintain the use of it during your lifetime. While a bequest provides tax benefits to your estate, a charitable remainder trust can provide tax benefits immediately.

Contact us for more information on how to leave a gift in your will to Nikkei Place Foundation:  604.777.2122  |  [email protected]