You can help ensure the future of Nikkei Place and our community for generations to come. Give to the Nikkei Place Endowment Fund.

Our Goal is to establish a $10,000,000 Endowment Fund

This fund is meant to support in perpetuity the programs an activities being run at Nikkei Place. Annual interest generated from a $10,000,000 Endowment Fund would enable us to connect and enrich the lives of our vast community -- from children and families to seniors alike -- for generations to come. It will ensure the vibrant programs, services, events and operational costs of Nikkei Place are always met.


Together we can:


• Connect & educate Nikkei and Canadian youth with our unique Nikkei heritage and culture. You can help foster cultural and social connections that ensure they always feel like they have a place to call home.

• Honour your parents and grandparents by preserving their history in the Nikkei National Museum. You can help ensure that there is always a museum in Canada that looks at and reminds people of the deep history and ongoing life of Nikkei in Canada.

• Care for and create a better life for Nikkei seniors in our community. You can help continue our culture of caring so that their needs can be better met.

• Preserve Nikkei Centre so generations may enjoy it for years to come. You can help Nikkei Centre stand the test of time.

Together we can do more.

Please give generously
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