Celebrating 30 years of Tojo's: Chef Hidekazu Tojo

Chef Hidekazu Tojo is restauranteur of none other than Tojo’s in Vancouver. As a chef, he began at the forefront of Vancouver’s fine dining scene in the early 1970’s, redefining the standards of sushi repertoire, when there were only four Japanese restaurants in Vancouver. His culinary genius is credited with the creation of the “California Roll” and the “BC Roll” – dishes that can now be found in virtually every Japanese restaurant in North America.

For over 40 years, Tojo has experienced rave reviews and critical acclaim for introducing the masses to original dishes that integrate the best traditions of Japan with fresh Pacific Northwest ingredients. 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of his restaurant Tojo's, offering the city’s best upscale Japanese culinary creations.

Competitive Judoka and Young Nikkei student Dante St. Prix to receive the 2017-18 Nikkei Youth Athletics Bursary

Dante is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Engineering Physics at the University of British Columbia. He is a competitive Judoka, most recently winning a senior silver medal at the 2017 Pacific International and a U-21 gold medal at the 2017 Provincials. In 2014-15, he represented Canada at the Junior European Cup and the International Masters.

Dante became part of the Nikkei Place community as a student at Gladstone Japanese Language School, and graduated from the middle school program. He spends time volunteering as an assistant instructor and coach with the Ishikawa Judo Club. 

Country musician Derral Moriyama sings in tribute to his father "The Cariboo Kid", who never got to realize his dream of becoming a country and western singer with the outbreak of WWII.

Derral Moriyama

My father was a simple man, born to Japanese immigrants who had settled in the mountains of British Columbia. Early on he developed a love of country and western music and was recognized as a talented singer. As “The Cariboo Kid” he won a few talent contests and actually sang a few times on the radio and at the Calgary Stampede. But his timing was not the best, as there was not a lot of call for a Japanese cowboy during WWII. So he changed focus, formed a construction company and raised a family in Calgary. Our home was always filled with music, with lots of harmonies and everyone play a part. He sang well into the 80’s, and music was always a big part of his life. My albumn “Father To Son” is a tribute to him, his perseverance and his love of the music. These songs are some of his favourites along with some songs of mine that he liked to hear. The first few bars on this albumn is one of the last recordings my father made. This is the album he never had a chance to record.