With your generous support, Nikkei Seniors Health Care & Housing Society can give seniors in need of dementia-friendly programs and services a fighting chance.

Ageing can be a constant challenge, and behind every senior is a family who supports them. With your support of our charity Golf Tournament, we can provide seniors suffering from dementia with tailored programs that suit their needs, and, at the same time, provide respite for their loving supporters.

The funds raised at our charity Golf Tournament not only support existing dementia-friendly programs like Iki Iki, but also allow for the creation of new programs like BEFIT Mind and Body, Outfight Parkinsons, and Kenko Talks & Education. These evidence-based programs aim to delay the progression of dementia, focusing on exercise, social gathering, and education. Results are measured both quantitatively, in areas such as movement, balance, and concentration, and qualitatively, in areas such as mood and self-assessed well-being.

In April 2018, Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society will unveil the Kenko Wellness Lounge inside Nimi Nikkei Home and offer many of these new programs to the public. This would not be possible without the generous support of donors and sponsors like you.

Last year, our charity Golf Tournament was able to fulfill a staggering 40% of Nikkei Seniors Health Care & Housing Society’s donation goal for the entire year. This year, we aim to provide even more funding for seniors who rely on these dementia-friendly programs! Together, we can accomplish even more amazing things.

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