Seniors at Nikkei Place

Maintaining senior’s independence at Nikkei Place is a cornerstone of its two housing programs.

Highlights of New Sakura-so and Nikkei Home
• Neighbours and friends are close by for socialization and mutual support
• Families are secure in knowing their loved ones you are in a safe and secure apartment
• Self contained apartment units
• Both housing programs value social programs to maintain senior’s independence
• At New Sakura-so staff is available to provide information on how to navigate through the system
• Nikkei Home has onsite caregivers
• At Nikkei Home, what you can do yourself, you are encouraged to do

*New Sakura-so and Nikkei Home is a subsidized housing program, and therefore income requirements must all be met.  Detailed information is available at the Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing office located at Nikkei Home.

For the independent senior: New Sakura-so

New Sakura-so is apartment living for seniors who can live independently and want to live within the Nikkei community. These 600-square-foot one-bedroom apartments are spacious and peaceful. Residents can join a “neighbour helping neighbour  program;” keep busy and involved through volunteer jobs at the apartment; and take part in a gourmet lunch program from Tonari Gumi. An outreach coordinator visits semi-monthly to coordinate activities and encourage tenants to maintain their independence.

Statistics on New Sakura-so
• Average age of tenants: 80 years
• Average length of tenancy:  9 years
• Move outs to Nikkei Home per year:  up to 3
• Preferred Language: 70% Japanese, 28% English, 2% Other
• Opened: 1998

For those who need more support: Nikkei Home

Community living has appeal to seniors who want a community lifestyle with activities, visitors and support, but still can manage an apartment suite with a little help. Nikkei Home is an assisted living residence offering a range of services – personal support, meals and social activities.

Statistics on Nikkei Home
• Average age of residents: 88 years
• Average length of residency:  5 years
• Average Number of Care Hours per quarter: 6,300 hours
• Average Number of Care Hours per day: 1.1 hours
• Preferred Language: 66% English; 31% Japanese, 3% Other
• Milestones:  Celebrated 100 years of age – 9 seniors
• Opened: 2002

Seniors’ Housing: How it all works

For seniors (aged 55+) there are a few minimum qualifications required to reside at either of the homes.
•    Applicants must permanently reside in British Columbia when applying
•    For Nikkei Home, a senior must be qualified to receive BC Medical; and have been assessed through their local health authority to qualify for assisted living

Statistics on Seniors Activities?
• Number of activities per month: 111
• Number of volunteers: 85
• Average age of participants: 83
• Average numbers seniors who participate: 3-25

Arts & Crafts
Bilingual Movies
Card Game
Chair Exercise
Easy Exercise
Hot Dog BBQ
Laughter Yoga
Nikkei Home Store
Taiso & Karaoke at Nikkei Centre
Walking Club
Wii Bowling

Birthday parties for the residents
Bus trips around Greater Vancouver
Gateball at Nikkei Centre
Gourmet Club and Crafting by Tonari Gumi
Outing to a casino
Shopping trips to the mall
Luncheon trip
Seasonal special lunches

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