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Fred YoshimuraMeet natural-born realtor Fred Yoshimura. After graduating from university, he started out by working for two years as a salesman at a trading company that specialized in the import and sale of building materials from abroad. It was there he learned Japanese business standards.

“It was an attractive and very lively company with young employees as its primary workforce. We only got a few days off from work a month, and sometimes sales managers settled accounts from start to finish themselves. While this put them in a position of shouldering a lot of responsibility, it made me learn a lot about the sense of accomplishment you feel in sales,” says Mr. Yoshimura. He comments that, even now, those experiences are the foundation of his work.

He’s been lucky to sign a good number of contracts with locals. There are times when contracts come in because clients can receive service in Japanese, yet he feels that language is not the main reason for this—but rather It’s because the quality of Japanese style of service is appreciated even here in Canada, for any occupation.

Q  |  From a realtor’s perspective, what locations should we be keeping an eye on now?
A.  I think the areas to pay attention to are along the SkyTrain in Surrey and in Fraser Valley where there has been discussion of expanding the rail service. The prices aren’t rising now, but they’re expected to change significantly in the next ten years.

Q  |  When working, what is most important to you?
A.  When I first started working in Vancouver in 1994, I was really surprised by Canadian business practices — the laidback attitude toward work and the differences between the Canadian and Japanese sense of responsibility. Things like being transferred over and over again while on the phone with customer service. You hear, “I don’t know,” all of the time.

Fred feels he is always very conscious of the quality of service he gives, thinking first and foremost of how to provide helpful information and service to clients. Faithfully, he puts reasonable concepts into practice like punctuality, following-up with clients and not missing consultations. From now and also in the future, he want to always take good care of the trust traditionally held by Japanese Canadians and take pride in this foundation.

Mr. Yoshimura works hard, believing no one can match his daily, steady dedication. He’s one to keep an eye on in the future.




Q | リアルターの目から見て、今ここが注目だ!と思われる地域はどこですか?
A. 今後注目のエリアはサレーのスカイトレイン沿線、もしくは延長の計画が論議されているフレーザーハイウェイ沿いなどと思います。現在はまだ価格が上がっていませんが、今後10年で大きく変わっていくと予想されます。

Q | 仕事をする上で、大切にされていることは何ですか?
A. 1994年にバンクーバーに来ましたが、働き始めた当初は、カナダのビジネス習慣の違いに大変驚きました。



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Fred Yoshimura

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