Suzuya owner Masaaki Inoda offers Suzuya Gift Card promotion to help raise funds for Nikkei Place this holiday season

Mr. Masaaki Inoda runs QIC moving company and used furniture store as well as Suzuya, the Japanese grocery store at Nikkei Place. In his business ventures, there is always a strong tie with people. He is now selling a Suzuya Gift Card. For each dollar spent, 10% goes back to Nikkei Centre. Members still enjoy their 10% discount of eligible items.

Mr. Inoda spoke to the Nikkei Place Foundation about his business philosophy and his connection to Nikkei Centre and the Nikkei community.

Why did you come to Canada?
Mr.Inoda: I love skiing and came to Vancouver in 1992 when there not many people with the working holiday visas at that time.

How did you get involved in Japanese community?
Mr.Inoda: I started up my business after coming to Canada and joined the Kiyu-kai and Vancouver Japanese Business Association to expand my business network.

When did you open Suzuya Japanese Market?
Mr.Inoda: I started it in 2008 at the warehouse of QIC, which is my other business, and moved to Nikkei Centre in February, 2011.

Why did you decide to open the store at Nikkei Centre?
Mr.Inoda: I thought that it would be very convenient for the people coming to Nikkei Centre if there was a Japanese grocery store. Many of our customers are from Gladstone language school and seniors homes, and many people drop by our store after their classes or events at Nikkei Centre.

Please let us know about the promotion of the new Suzuya gift card.
We will start selling Suzuya Gift Cards. We will donate 10% the gift card sales to Nikkei Centre because we want to help Nikkei Centre become more active.

We feel that with more people and businesses that have the same passion as Mr. Inoda, the Japanese community will become bigger and stronger in the future around Nikkei Place. We look forward to his future success in business and contributions to the Japanese Canadian community.


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