Profile: Naomi Horii

by Junko Mayede (NPF) & illustrated by Yukina Takeuchi

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (NNMCC) will be running Kids Day Camp from July 7th to 11th.  The NPF approached Naomi Horii, Educational Coordinator at NNMCC, to share her thoughts on the program and for her work.

The people make this centre great!

NPF: What is the key point in the program?

NH: The purpose of the camp is to invite kids and families from all walks of life from our surrounding communities to come enjoy what the Nikkei Centre has to offer. The museum is focused on preserving and promoting Japanese Canadian arts and culture, and we want to share that with our young community.  We want to connect our senior community artisans to the youth through traditional Japanese arts workshops, and also promote youth culture by emphasizing the art of manga.”

NPF: What do you consider to be your personal mission?

NH: To find joy in every task, in every interaction, in everything that I do, and to listen to the ways in which we can learn more and understand more about each other and the world in order to sustain that joy.

NPF: What kind of future do you envision for the Nikkei Community?

NH: One that is open and communicative, free from barriers.  I think we are slowly working toward recovering and recollecting our history from times past, and the future looks bright because of it.  We are sharing more knowledge and history with each other and with the world, more than ever before.  There can be only be good that comes from that, since the Nikkei community is growing back old roots while sprouting new branches and leaves.  I envision the Nikkei community, in all it’s beautiful diversity, growing ever more nurturing to itself and to other communities around us.


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