Happy Holidays from Nikkei Place!

Here there is a cultural centre, museum, seniors’ independent living and assisted living homes. What makes this Nikkei Place is you.

We are continually speaking with a wide variety of people in the Nikkei Community; from these conversations and our research we have identified the needs of the community as it grows, ages and changes.

You can help fulfil these needs with a gift to support programs and activities at Nikkei Place.

Community Needs

??Help newcomers from Japan integrate into Canadian society. Everyone needs a place that they can call home. Everyone needs a place where they belong

??Enrich children’s understanding of their place in Canada. We must continue our school programs and find ways to connect with those who might say? ?I didn?t know about the internment of Japanese in

??Find and educate volunteers to help our seniors.? Every year our seniors need a bit more support to age well. Seniors play an important role in our community and we need to ensure they feel safe where they live, that those who care for them understand their culture and their needs, that they can continue to enrich the lives of younger generations with their presence, and that, when they need the support, there is a home for them.

??Bring people together at Nikkei Place. No matter where they live or what they are interested in, to experience the richness of our history and culture, the beauty of our gardens, the energy of our place, and the incredible richness and diversity in our community.



These are three activities that illustrate the wide spectrum of needs and the broad reach of Nikkei Place in unlocking the potential in our community.

Creating and maintaining events and services such as these requires a commitment of time and also of financial resources. Both are required to implement the programs and services that make our community stronger and more vibrant.


Nikkei Matsuri: The Heart of Nikkei?

Sharing Japanese Culture with All Canadians

During this family summer festival, thousands of people are drawn to Nikkei Place to share Japanese Culture with all and to show our appreciation for the contributions Japanese immigrants make in building a strong and vibrant community. Our festival features Japanese food, games, performances and much more. This year, more than 8,000 people came to experience Japan in Burnaby and this year, with your help the festival will reach even further.? Please show your support for Japanese cultural programming.

See highlights of this year?s Nikkei Matsuri: The Heart of Nikkei HERE


Taiken Education Programs?

Educating All Canadians About Our Heritage and Culture

Each year more than 2,000 students and teachers from BC?s public school system come to the Nikkei Centre for a curriculum-based educational tour that informs and enlightens them about the unique Japanese experience in Canada. Learning about other cultures and about social justice issues helps our future generations become stronger and more tolerant Canadians, and this learning spreads outward through Canada like ripples in a pond.


Iki Iki Seniors Program?

Caring for Our Seniors

Iki Iki, pronounced ?EEKEY EEKEY?, Japanese for ?Lively? or ?Enthusiasm For Life? is a day program that addresses an unspoken and hidden need to help seniors with dementia connect to their community. Iki Iki is designed to improve quality of life for seniors with dementia so they feel less isolated, feel engaged and involved in their community. The way it works is unique and powerful: healthcare workers are partnered with a senior and together they join regular seniors programming. This not only allows our seniors to stay connected with their community but it also provides training for instructors and other participants in how to care for seniors.



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