Nikkei Seniors Connection

Being involved and connected is a main goal of Nikkei Seniors Connection.

“There are challenges in starting up a program, including its budget and making the program official and known by all seniors at New Sakura-so,” says Yoko Watase, Outreach Coordinator.

When going out to meet the seniors, we notice right away how diverse the seniors are. There are those who really do like to stay close to the Japanese culture, while others are comfortable blending with both Canadian and Japanese cultures. How to come up with activities that can address the needs of seniors while being interesting to them is one of our start-up challenges. The right activity with the positive spirit we hope will get all of the seniors participating.

With over 80% of the New Sakura-so residents aged 70 years or over, with limited English, it’s easy to become isolated.  The goal of the program is to have seniors become familiar with the programs and services that are available to them, and feel comfortable and confident using them.

Nikkei Seniors Connections is in its first year of operating and we plan to open this up to the entire community.

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