Kazuko’s Practical Tips for a Healthy Life (part 2) The Rejuvenating Power of the Earth

『 和子の耳より小話(パート2) 〜体に地球のエネルギーをチャージ〜』















Did you know that April 22 was Earth Day?

To celebrate this day, I want to tell you about the energy that we receive from the earth. Every day the sun blesses the earth with an abundance of life energy, which benefits all life on the planet, including humans.

Do you enjoy walking on the beach barefoot? Do you find it therapeutic to work with soil in your garden? When your hands or feet touch the ground, the earth gives you energy, which has a healing and refreshing effect on your body.

The warm and pleasant spring is just around the corner in Vancouver. Next time you walk on a beach or work in your garden, remember to take the time to experience this healing power from the planet


Today’s yoga posture (tadasana)

1.First, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Stand firmly as if your big toes are rooted in the ground.

2.Keep your back straight like a mountain with the tip of your head pointing to the sky. Make sure that your feet are firmly “grounded”.

3. Relax your shoulders and let your arms fall naturally on your sides. Lightly close your eyes and feel your core (abdominal) muscles supporting your body.

4.The yusen (spring of life) acupuncture point in the sole of the foot is said to be the entry point of energy. Feel the energy of the earth!


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