Kazuko’s health tips #11: Open Your Heart

By: Kazuko Ikegawa

The word “chakra” (meaning “wheel” or “circle” in Sanskrit) is often used in Yoga, and refers to the energy centers in our bodies from which energy flows through. The body has a total of seven chakras, each representing different life situations. This month, we feature an exercise to open your heart chakra, otherwise known as anahata. It is said anahata is related to love and compassion. With this yoga position, you can open your heart and become a yogi who is able to convey love to both yourself and to other people.

This pose is done in a sitting position, and can even be done while sitting on a chair. It’s great for break times at the office. Opening the chest area improves the function of your bronchial tubes, respiratory system and thyroid. Please give it a try!



the heart chakra (“anahata”) • ハートオープン

1 |  Sit, folding your legs comfortably (or sit in “seiza style”, kneeling with feet tucked underneath the body).

2 |  Pull the shoulders back, drawing the shoulder blades closer together and interlace the fingers of both hands behind your back.

3 |  Reach your joined hands to the floor (if possible), look upward and stretch the middle of the chest toward the sky. Make sure to lift the center of the breastbone!

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いますナマステ   Namaste

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