池側和子(いけがわ・かずこ)Kazuko Ikegawa


2010年9月  ももこ鈴木パウルス師の全米ヨガアライアンス認定インストラクター200時間修了

2013年8月Waylon Belding師のZuddha Yogaティーチャー・トレイニング修了。

2013年11月陰ヨガの代表的指導者Bernie Clark師の陰ヨガティーチャー・トレイニングを修了。


Sep. 2010: 200 hours of the U.S. Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training with Momoko Suzuki-Powles

Aug. 2013: Zuddha Yoga teacher training with Waylon Belding

Nov. 2013: Yin Yoga Training Course with Bernie Clark, a leading Yin Yoga instructor

Yoga is one of the most popular exercises today. It’s rejuvenating and therapeutic effects are among the top reasons that people are drawn to yoga, a practice that is said to strengthen both the body and mind. Starting this month, yoga instructor Kazuko Ikegawa will be launching a new column, “Kazuko’s Practical Tips for a Healthy Life.” We asked her to share a little about herself.


Kazuko Ikegawa was born in Kyoto and now lives in Vancouver. A bundle of energy in a small frame, Kazuko has always been active since childhood, but in her teens she struggled with weight issues.

Once she began working, Kazuko suffered chronic shoulder pain, headache and bad circulation. During her language studies in Canada in 1997 she developed an interest in health and diet. Her desire to relieve her chronic health issues led her to yoga two years later in Chicago, and in 2004, she began practicing Bikram Yoga, the origin of hot yoga.

Having experienced the therapeutic effects of yoga herself, Kazuko was more committed than ever to deepening her knowledge of yoga. In 2010, she completed 200 hours of the U.S. Yoga Alliance Course offered by the late Momoko Suzuki-Powles.

For Kazuko, yoga is not just about practicing asanas (poses)—it is a source of spiritual power that guides her life. Since the sudden passing of Momoko Suzuki-Powles in the spring of 2013, Kazuko has been building on her legacy by teaching “Momoko Yoga” in Vancouver and beyond.

Live in the “here and now”, enjoy your life!

This is Kazuko’s philosophy that she lives by through yoga.

Kazuko’s goal is to offer a yoga program that all participants—regardless of age, experience, and flexibility—find enjoyable and rejuvenating. I confess that I am guilty of procrastinating. Kazuko has inspired me to look after my body and mind “here and now” and to live my life to the fullest.

現在、世界で最も人気があるエクササイズの1つと言っても過言ではない、ヨガ。何といってもその健康パワーが、人気の理由でしょう。 体と心を同時に鍛えることができると言われているヨガ。そのインストラクターの1人、池側和子(いけがわ・かずこ)さんに、今月から『和子の耳より小話』を掲載していただけることになった。そこでまずは、和子さんの素顔に少しせまってみた。




アサナ(ヨガ独特の体位法 ポーズ)の実践だけでなく自分を形成する精神の糧、人生そのものをヨガから学んでいるという。2013年春、ももこ鈴木パウルス師の突然の逝去後、現在はバンクーバーを中心に『ももこヨガ』を継続し広めている。



和子さんが目指しているのは、年齢、経験、体の硬さを問わず、誰もが健康で楽しく、ヨガから生きるエネルギーが高められるクラス! 実は、ついつい「いつかエクササイズを・・・」と思ってしまっている私。「いつか」ではなく、価値ある人生を送るためにも、『今』から心と体の健康を心がけねば。と改めて気づかされたのであった。

ヨガ・クラスの詳細については kaz_ikegawa@hotmail.comへ、


Please contact Kazuko directly at kaz_ikegawa@hotmail.com

for more information on yoga classes.

和子の耳より小話 〜春の体にシフト〜!








Kazuko’s Practical Tips for a Healthy Life: 

preparing your body for the spring

Hi there!  My name is Kazuko and I’ve been teaching the yoga classes since April last year.

It’s my pleasure to share with you some practical tips and ideas I have learned through yoga.

The first buds are starting to open on the trees and the days are getting longer—spring is in the air!

Did you know that our bodies, particularly the joints, also change as spring approaches? Your shoulder, neck (especially the back side), ankle, and toe joints naturally become more flexible in spring. However, if your joints remain stiff for whatever reasons, you may end up with allergies or other health problems in spring and early summer.

You can help your body by doing light exercise and stretching to gently relax your shoulders, neck, ankles, and toes.



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