Miura Waffle Milk Bar

Friendly atmosphere, detail-oriented service and excellent food

One day, my co-worker told me that he tried the Miura Waffle Sandos.

“Waffle sandos?”… never heard of it! I thought it was some kind of dessert.  “You should try them!” he strongly suggested, so I checked out their website.  The sandwiches look different and very delicious.  I decided to visit them with my co-workers.

Miura Waffle Milk Bar opened in May 2010 and it specializes in a mixture of savory and sweet waffle sandwiches, also with combos including nori chips. The other reason to go there is for their milk drinks. It is perfect place for a casual lunch with friends or co-workers.  The atmosphere is light, and the décor is a mix between modern and traditional Japanese, with wooden yatai-style posts and clean-cut style table areas.

The garlic Fried Chicken Waffle has good overall flavour – the chicken was juicy and savoury, and the sauce provided a touch of sweetness. Also, the crunchy texture from the fried chicken balanced nicely with the softness of the waffle.  We thought the waffle they use is the perfect texture for a sandwich – not too dense, with a light flavour.   The mango passion fruit drink was refreshing, creamy, and not too sweet.  Easy to drink the whole glass!

The owners, Dennis & Jenny Miura were absent that day, but I had an opportunity to hear from Jenny later.

NPF:  What was the inspiration for your waffle sandos?

JM:  My business partner (and husband), Dennis, loves sandwiches and I love breakfast items like waffles and pancakes.  We decided to combine our favourites together and created the waffle sandos.

Jenny told me that they have had many challenges, and still do every day, but finding the right waffle maker is the challenge. They are still in search of the “perfect” machine to get that right texture, yet cook quickly at the same time.

NPF:  You mentioned that you still have many challenges. How do you deal with them ? or What keeps you going?

JM:  Our customers who love our products and our future goal keeps us going and able to deal with all the challenges we face.

NPF:  What does challenge mean to you?

JM: Challenges / struggles means that we are moving forward and it prepares us to be stronger and to be where we want to be eventually.

NPF:  what is the philosophy behind your business?

JM:  Quality and teamwork – providing the best quality in food/product and service – we work as a team, help each other and don’t blame anyone.


I am impressed how Jenny and Dennis are taking challenges & struggles as an opportunity for them to grow.

I like what she said, “don’t blame anyone.”  That reminds me of quote I like, “It is a human tendency to blame others before reflecting on oneself. But if you do, you will never find the real cause of the problem, and there will be no real improvement.”

I asked Jenny where they see their restaurant in the future. She told me that they want to expand their restaurant in Canada, US and Asia.   I feel that they can achieve their future plan because they have a great spirit!  I am looking forward to having Miura Waffle Sandos in Japan!!!


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