Setsubun – The “Bean Throwing Festival”

The seasonal divide

Setsubun – “season division”. It happened  just yesterday, on February 3rd. It is considered the day before the beginning of spring in Japan. It is often thought to be the peak of the cold season, leading to the onset of the warmer spring season, so it is celebrated as part of the spring festival.

Long ago, February 4th was considered New Year’s Day, so on February 3rd (New Year’s Eve) people would want to welcome the new year by cleansing away evil spirits. They would throw soybeans outside and at a person wearing a Oni mask (demon mask) while screaming “Get out evil!!!”.

ご存知でしたか? 昨日2月3日は、節分でした。


To celebrate, we have created a manga all about it!

Setsubun Manga

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