Special Culinary Offerings from Chef Tojo!!

Nikkei Place Foundations presents the Sakura Benefit Event. This is indeed a rare opportunity to experience the performance of Japanese recording star Kohmi Hirose, in an intimate concert setting. She will be accompanied by Conductor sensation Ken Hsieh of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, along with a 23-piece orchestra. Enjoy this unique performance of J-pop adapatations while dining on a special dinner set prepared by Vancouver’s own Chef Hidekazu Tojo of Tojo’s Restaurant.
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Introducing: Hidekazu Tojo of Tojo’s Restaurant. 

Born in 1950 in Kagoshima. In 1968, Hidekazu Tojo became a chef at a high-end Japanese restaurant in Osaka, and in 1971, went on to build his own sushi restaurant in Osaka. Soon after, he left for Vancouver and worked as a chef for several restaurants, such as Maneki, Jinya, and Soft Rock Café.

In 1988, with the concept of “relief, trust, and originality” in mind, he finally opened his own restaurant and named it “Tojo’s Restaurant”. In 2007, the restaurant moved down the street from its original location, where about 600 people including customers and media came to its re-opening.

Chef Tojo has created many new menu items that are well known today, such as the “California Roll” —named not for the place, but for the avocado— and the “BC Roll”. There is an interesting story behind the creation of the BC Roll:

The BC Roll was born in Vancouver in 1974, when eel was a difficult ingredient to obtain. As a response to this difficulty, Tojo used trial and error, and found that salmon skin was a great substitute for eel. Thus, the BC Roll came to be. Even today, this particular roll is very familiar in Vancouver and loved and enjoyed by many people.

Since 1988, Tojo’s Restaurant has never missed being ranked or labelled the “number 1 Japanese Restaurant”, as well as being rated “Extraordinary” by Zagat.

On top of that, Tojo’s Restaurant has also been quoted as:

“At the centre of it all is the beaming and energetic Tojo, who performs his magic with the precision of a surgeon and the faitest Vegas swagger.” 
— #1 New York Times bestsellers “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” author, Patricia Schultz

“Tojo’s, a Japanese Restaurant where dining is grander and more enticing than a geisha’s dance”
— The Washington Post

And not to mention, other newspaper magazines too.

When Chef Tojo was featured in 2010 on a Japanese TV program called “Sekai wo Kaeru 100 Nin No Nihon Jin ~Japan All Stars~ — The 100 Japanese people who will change the world (Japan All Stars)”, it was clear that Chef Tojo puts a lot of effort and hard work into making people understand how providing fresh food to customers is the most delicious.

Don’t miss out on the Sakura Benefit Event where Chef Tojo will be preparing a special dinner set as a backdrop to the performance of J-pop recording star Kohmi Hirose, accompanied by Conductor sensation Ken Hsieh and a 23-piece orchestra!!


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