Our First Monthly Giving Mingle!

By Elina Wakabayashi, NPF Monthly Giving Co-Ordinator

On Saturday, April 11th, we held our first ever Nikkei Place Foundation Monthly Giving Club Appreciation Mingle! It was an exciting chance for us to reunite with some familiar faces in the community as well as happily welcome new faces to Nikkei Place. Monthly Giving is a different form of giving back to the community and is suitable for any age — thank you all for the support and heart for Nikkei Place!

We were fortunate to have some friendly and amazing volunteers to help us make this mingle event a success. We also thank the Nikkei Place board of directors that came out in support of the event. For all who attended, we hoped that you all enjoyed it and will continue to help this program and community grow!

With everyone’s help, we at Nikkei Place Foundation would like to continue building this community into a more strong and vibrant one by connecting people of all ages. 🙂

Find out more about Monthly Giving.

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