Kyzock (海賊):

Take out has never tasted so good!

Kyzock - ExteriorReviewed By Junko Mayede
Nikkei Life Editor

This month, I am reviewing a restaurant near SFU’s downtown campus called Kyzock. While a good majority of the orders are take-out, there is space for around ten people to sit and enjoy drinks and food.

This shop actually first opened as Zero One Sushi in 2001. However, to transform the sushi shop’s image, the name changed to Kyzock and the restaurant’s menu got a makeover. The food is centered on donburi (rice bowl) items and offers various sushi donburi.

Me and my co-worker ordered the Chirashi bowl, the special of the day, and the chicken udon. The chirashi was a gorgeous bowl filled with, among other things, salmon roe, sea urchins and scallops. We enjoyed every last morsel of fresh seafood. As for the chicken udon, the soup base was both tasty and full of flavour. My co-worker even said, “Of all of the udon I have eaten in my life, this is my favourite!”

During our visit, I got the opportunity to speak with Kazu, the owner and chef:

Q | What kind of personality do you bring to your restaurant?
A. I think I’m positive and have a strong competitive spirit. I’m also the type of person who turns their decisions into action. From the outside looking in, sometimes people see what I do as failures. But from my point of view, these failures are the fuel that creates a bridge for me to grow to the next level.

“I try to keep in mind that people are eating high-quality food in a casual atmosphere and at a reasonable price. To bring out the quality of the food, I am careful about timing -picking the right time to prepare and serve the freshest, most flavourful ingredients,”
— Kazu, owner and chef

His friendly, smiling face is inspiring. Despite all of the challenges he has faced, he enthusiastically says, “Kyzock is a place that lets me improve and develop myself.”



今回紹介するレストランは、SFUダウンタウンキャンパスのすぐ近くにある、海賊(かいぞく)。 お持ち帰りが主流だが、店内で飲食できるスペースも10席ほど設けている。

実はこのお店は、2001年にZero One Sushiとしてオープン。しかし、



Q  |  ご自身をどんな性格だと思われますか?
A. 前向きで、自分に対して負けん気が強いですね。あと、決めたことは行動に移すタイプ。周りからみれば、失敗と見られることも経験しましたが、自分の中では、次につなげるための、成長の糧だと思ってます。


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