The “Winter Queen” is coming to Vancouver!!!『冬の女王』って?

Nikkei Place Foundations presents the Sakura Benefit Event. This is indeed a rare opportunity to experience the performance of Japanese recording star Kohmi Hirose, in an intimate concert setting. She will be accompanied by Conductor sensation Ken Hsieh of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, along with a 23-piece orchestra. Enjoy this unique performance of J-pop adapatations while dining on a special dinner set prepared by Vancouver’s own Chef Hidekazu Tojo of Tojo’s Restaurant.
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Tel: (604)-777-2122 or e-mail [email protected]
チケットのお問い合わせ:日系プレース基金(604)777-2122 または、[email protected]まで。

Introducing: Kohmi Hirose. Even after 23 years since her debut, her hit song “Winter Queen” still ranks second on the most wanted playlist at ski resorts today, giving her the nickname Winter Queen.

Talented in many ways, Ms. Kohmi Hirose is Japan’s singer, songwriter, lyricist, composer, and producer, and even a radio personality. In 1999, she started her very own voice training school where she became the principal.

At the age of 5 years old, Ms. Hirose started taking English music lessons and started composing her own songs. While studying music at Kunitachi College of Music, she took voice training lessons in LA from Seth Riggs, who trained famous stars such as Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and Whitney Houston. Even after Ms. Hirose graduated 国立音楽大学作曲学科, she continued to take voice training lessons in LA in pursuit of her dream to become a composer. Today, Ms. Hirose’s life is mainly centered in LA, where she continues to greatly contribute to the music industry.

With her biggest hit and song titled Romansu no Kamisama – “God of Romance” selling over 1.75 million copies, it even became well known to many people as the theme song of a famous sports company commercial called “Alpen theme”. On top of that, her best hit album titled “The Best Love Winters” made a record breaking sale and sold 2.4 million copies.

Recently on a television segment, Ms. Hirose reported that she wakes up every morning at 3 am to practice “projecting her voice” for 3 hours, and that she hasn’t missed a single day for the last 23 years. It is clear that she takes a dedicated, professional and serious stance on her career as a professional singer/songwriter.

And through this, she says,
“My dream is being able to sing the hit song that other artists cannot copy: “Romansu no Kamisama – God of Romance” in that very high and original key with the enthusiasm that I have now until I am 80 years old.”

It was with this song that Ms. Hirose’s name became known to the world, making it a very important and special piece. She remarks, “This song is living proof that I exist, they cannot deny it.”Ms. Hirose lives day by day with this in mind.

Don’t miss your chance to hear and enjoy her amazing singing voice in Vancouver at the Sakura Benefit Event!!

Stay tuned, as we will introduce more details about the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra’s very own Award Winning conductor Ken Hsieh, who will accompany Kohmi Hirose with a 23-piece orchestra. Don’t miss out!


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