War Memorial Campaign: “They Went To War”

NFP-Post-RemDay01In 2014, commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War I, the Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee with the Nikkei Place Foundation will raise $15,000 to restore the Cenotaph in Stanley Park, reproduce the Japanese Canadian Legion #9 flag, and replace of the plaque that dedicates the monument.

This iconic monument is a lasting memorial and testament to the ultimate sacrifice Japanese Canadians were willing to make for freedom and justice. It is serves as a symbol for the battles fought for Canada and the fight for equal status amongst Canadians.

Some 222 Japanese Canadian Volunteers served in World War I, and 54 of them made the ultimate sacrifice: their young lives. It was for these men that the Japanese community erected this monument on April 9, 1920.

In the Second World War, despite a recommendation from the Government that Japanese not be accepted for enrollment, 156 Japanese Canadians enlisted and 3 lost their lives. Some 120 were trained in the S-20 Canadian Army Language School Pacific Command in Vancouver to serve in military intelligence. When the Korean War broke out, Japanese Canadians again stepped up to serve Canada: 19 enlisted and one soldier lost his life. Some 30 former Japanese Canadians, deported to Japan in 1946, enlisted in Japan to fight for Canada and headed for Korea in 1950.

Commissioned by the Canadian Japanese Association in 1920, the monument is a work of art. The pillar is carved Haddington Limestone, the base is carved granite petals embedded with names of the battles fought and the marble Japanese style lantern on the top of the monument was lit until Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese Army. The lantern was re-lit in a ceremony by one of the last surviving WWI vets, Sergeant Masumi Mitsui in 1985.

The Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee is dedicated to organizing the Remembrance Day ceremonies annually at the cenotaph. Please help preserve this important monument and honour the sacrifices made by these Canadians who fought for their country by making a donation today. Lest we forget. They went to war and this monument was built to honour their sacrifices. We can do our part by helping preserve their memory.

“They Went to War” Campaign will run from November 11, 2013 to September 1, 2014 during which time we hope to raise $15,000. Your donation can be made out to Nikkei Place Foundation for the “They Went to War” Campaign. All donations will be recognized in The Bulletin, at the 2014 Nikkei Place Community Awards Dinner and Gifts of $500 or greater will be listed on the Nikkei Place Tree of Prosperity donor wall.


Linda Kawamoto Reid
Chair Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee
[email protected] 604.777.7000 or
[email protected] 604.737.2112

Mandy Shintani
JC War Memorial Campaign Fundraising Chair
[email protected]

Josh Coward
Nikkei Place Foundation Executive Director
[email protected] or 604.777.2122


The Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee presents


Monday, November 11, 2013
10:40 am
At the Japanese Canadian War Memorial in Stanley Park, Vancouver

Following the service, there will be refreshments and a photo display at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park – all are welcome! Photographs and artifacts will be on display.

The Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee is a non-profit organization dedicated to remembering the Japanese veterans, and all veterans, who served in World Wars I, II and the Korean War.

Linda Kawamoto Reid, Chairperson
Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee
604.777.7000 ext.111
l[email protected]




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