Contemporary Arts @ Nikkei Place

Heading into our 10th Anniversary, Nikkei Place has been made possible by the amazing support from people and groups in the community. Small pockets of groups, associations, organizations, volunteers and community leaders have laid the foundation for a new way of life for people of Japanese ancestry in Canada. This legacy will help connect our past with future generations of Canadians and the story of people with Japanese ancestry in Canada will be one of hard work, integrity and building a better life for future generations.

Utilizing our combined strengths and unique differences, a complete community has grown within and around Nikkei Place. Old connections have been remade and reinforced, new connections have developed and a reinvigorated community has arisen. When you arrive at Nikkei Place, you can really feel how this project is a living and thriving organism. The combination of cultural activities, language school, museum exhibits, school educational tours, seniors programs, senior’s residence and Japanese restaurant means that Nikkei Place is active from morning to night with many people visiting here for many different reasons and all making personal connections that enrich their lives.

Thank you for celebrating our 10th Anniversary with us. Moving into our next 10 years of providing programs and services, we ask you to join us in taking the message of Nikkei Place and Japanese Canadian and Japanese culture to the wider community so people can learn from our past and present, and so we can also learn from them.

Please consider supporting the following programs at Nikkei Place.

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