Kickstart your Adrenal Glands!


Ever wonder why as we grow older, our hair becomes thinner and loses its glossy sheen?

The organs that deal with the youthful qualities of our hair are the adrenal glands. Considering this, here is one pressure point called yusen, which enhances kidney function and will kick-start your adrenal glands to give your hair some extra nourishment. This pressure point is versatile, increasing not only your hair’s nourishment but also your stamina and energy. By simply applying pressure here, blood circulation improves and your body becomes warm. On the days you are not feeling well, please give this pressure point a try. 年齢を重ねるとともに、髪にコシがなくなり、色つやも失われていきます。髪の栄養に関わっているのは、身体の副腎という器官。そこで、腎臓機能を高めるためのツボ、《湧泉》をご紹介します。髪の滋養だけではなく、湧泉は体力や気力を高めることのできる万能のツボです。ここを押すだけで血流が良くなり、身体が温まります。元気のでない日に是非このツボを押してみてください。

Tips of the month • 肝臓を労わる By Keiko (恵子)

Enhance your kidney function • 腎臓機能も高める万能のツボ

Yusen-01Name of pressure point: Yusen 湧泉(ゆうせん)足の裏のツボ
Benefits: Belongs to kidney meridian and increases kidney and liver function. Also renews energy, promotes hair growth, slows hair loss and helps poor circulation. 効能: 腎経の経絡に属していて、腎臓と肝臓の機能を高めます。気力の回復、育毛促進、抜け毛、冷え性。 Location: Bend your toes and find the small depression near the ball of your foot. Yusen is not only good for pressing; it is also effective if you hit it with your fist about 100 times a day. Also, it’s good to try putting a golf ball under your foot, line it up with yusen, and roll it around (do this while seated). 位置:足裏の上の方にある人の字型のしわの中心。げんこつなどで、1日100回くらい強めに叩くのも効果あり。ゴルフボールを片足の湧泉の上において足で転がしてもいいかもしれません。(座った状態で)

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