An incredibly successful Community Awards + Fundraising Dinner in support of our ‘Nikkei Place: Feels Like Home’ initiative

On Saturday, September 24th, 2016 we celebrated and honoured four of our Nikkei community leaders at our Community Awards + Fundraising Dinner presented by Canadian Tire! We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came and supported the event, and we hope you enjoyed the evening! Your support benefits Nikkei Place: Feels Like Home  our initiative to make Nikkei Place a second home for all to enjoy. It was truly a night of inspiration, listening to the rich stories and accomplishments of our awardees. We feel thankful many of you came to celebrate with us as we honoured Dr. Akira Horii, Mr. Takeo Yamashiro, Ms. Yoko Matsuno and Mr. John Endo Greenaway for their immense service to the Nikkei Community and to Canada. This year also marked the first time we were able to award the Nikkei Youth Athletics Bursary – congratulations once again to Beth Kamimura!

Thanks to the generosity of our community, together we were able to raise over $100,000 in a single evening before event expenses for our Feels Like Home initiative.

The Board of Directors and staff of Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre and Nikkei Place Foundation thank everyone — the awardees, guests, sponsors, donors, presenters and volunteers — for helping make this year’s Awards Dinner a remarkable success, and we hope to see everyone back again next year! We invite you to view and share photos from the event with your friends below or connect with us on our facebook page! Thank you once again for your support!
Photography by Manto Nakamura
Questions? Contact Nikkei Place Foundation at or 604.777.2122

Our First Monthly Giving Mingle!

By Elina Wakabayashi, NPF Monthly Giving Co-Ordinator On Saturday, April 11th, we held our first ever Nikkei Place Foundation Monthly Giving Club Appreciation Mingle! It was an exciting chance for us to reunite with some familiar faces in the community as well as happily welcome new faces to Nikkei Place. Monthly Giving is a different form of giving back to the community and is suitable for any age -- thank you all for the support and heart for Nikkei Place! Continue reading

J-Fest at Nikkei Centre: A Cosplay + Fandom Celebration

J-FEST was at Nikkei Centre was on March 7!

It was a celebration of all things J-pop hosted by the Vancouver Anime Convention Society. J-Fest was a culmination of fandom for the love of favourite animes, mangas, games, and the like. I got to watch performers taiko drum, speak with local artists in the Artist Alley/Dealer Room, and of course, see a great number of local cosplayers. Simply put, it was a unique and fun filled experience!

In the spirit of the event, let’s talk about COSPLAY!


Cosplay is a performance art; it is about celebrating a love for a favourite anime/manga/game character or Japanese fashion aesthetic by emulating how they look and even behave. The word itself originates from combining the terms “costume” x “play”. The word was coined by Nobuyaki Takahashi of Studio Hard while attending a World Science Fiction Convention held in Los Angeles in 1984. Those who do cosplay are called cosplayers – people who dress up in a costume or fashion style that represents a specific character from a game, comic book, cartoon, manga, anime or Japanese fashion aesthetic (such as Lolita, maid, or school girl). The concept of cosplaying has actually been growing as a hobby since 1990, becoming a unique and grown pop culture phenomenon in Japan and other countries, like in Vancouver! Cosplay is often associated with “Otaku” culture – a word that describes a person with obsessive interests, commonly with anime and manga fandom. The Akihabara neighborhood of Tokyo is a popular gathering otaku site. And if you thought cosplay only had to do with clothes and accessories, you are mistaken! Since 1998, there has been a number of cosplay restaurants popularized in Japan, catering to devoted anime and cosplay fans. Waitresses and/or waiters at such cafes dress up as video game or anime characters, or maids/butlers, in Tokyo’s Akihabara district in Japan. You can actually experience something akin to the real deal at anime conventions in Vancouver! J-Fest in fact had their own version of a "Bishounen Cafe"! These café’s are more than just about food, they are about the entire environment from décor, to the behaviour of the servers and how they interact with customers. At a maid cafe, for example, don't be surprised when the maid servers take your food order and call you "master"!


先月13日の土曜日、TDカナダ・トラスト特別協賛による日系プレース基金(NPF)第2回目のクリスマスの集いが、日系文化センター・博物館で行われました。 30名以上のボランティアやスタッフなど、昨年をはるかに越える総勢230名以上に集まっていただき、また、今回は、6社(名)のスポンサーに支えられ、 イベントは、大盛況にて終了しました。イベントを共に作り上げて頂いた、スポンサーの皆様、ご寄付をお寄せくださった皆様、ご参加頂いた皆様、スタッフ や、ボランティアの方々に、日系プレース基金一同、深く感謝申し上げます。 今年は、サンタも登場し、子供たちはサプライズのおもちゃやお菓子を受け取ったり、写真を撮ったり、またイベント会場には、クラフト・コーナー、バウンス・キャッスルも用意され、楽しい時間を過ごしました。 また今年も行われたジンジャーブレッドハウスコンテストでは、ミリングかなちゃん(11歳)とウェジャー・アリスちゃん(8歳)&アダムくん(6歳)が選ばれ、大きなプライズを抱えた子供たちには笑顔が溢れていました。 イベントの後半は、NAV Chorus, 後藤キヨ氏, 若林えれなさん、木田もえちゃんによるクリスマスキャロルや、ピアノ演奏などのパフォーマンスが行われ、会場は、一段とクリスマスの雰囲気に包まれました。 NPFのスタッフで、イベント主催者のマエデ淳子のもとには、「すごく楽しかった。」「大きくなったら、ボランティアをしたい!」と、数人の子供たちから 嬉しい感想が届きました。 日系コミュニティの将来を担う子供たちに、楽しい時間を過ごしながら、日系コミュニティに関わっていく機会を創ることが、私ど もNPFスタッフが願っている1つなので、大変嬉しく思っております。 日系プレース基金の詳細につきましては、(604)777-2122にお電話いただくか、または、ウェブサイトnikkeiplace.orgでご覧にいただけます。 フェイスブックにも是非アクセスしてみてください。“いいね”をお待ちしております。

 EDIT_NPF_Christmas_Social_2014_(27) copy

The 2nd annual Nikkei Place Foundation Christmas Social presented by TD Canada Trust

On Saturday December 13th, we at Nikkei Place Foundation (NPF) hosted the second annual Nikkei Place Christmas Social presented by TD Canada Trust at Nikkei Centre. It was a very successful event, with over 230 people participating! From children and their parents, to volunteers and staff, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the Christmas festivities and holiday cheer. We were also fortunate to have 6 sponsors that made this event possible. A huge thank you to all our sponsors, donors, participants, volunteers and staff who worked together to make this event a success, we couldn’t have done it without you! This year, Santa made a special appearance to give children a present & snacks and took pictures with them! The children also enjoyed crafting such as making ornaments and writing letters to Santa and jumping in the bouncy castle! The Gingerbread House Competition had 20 children participating and the winners were Kana Miling (11) and Alice & Adam Wejer (8 & 6). They all received a big prize and were full of smiles. The second half of the event featured entertainment from NAV Chorus, Mr. Kiyo Goto, Elina Wakabayashi and Moe Kida. The Centre was wrapped in Christmas atmosphere remarkably. Junko Mayede, NPF staff and event organizer received wonderful comments from several children: “I had a really great time!”, “I want to work as volunteer when I am older!” We at NPF are all pleased to hear these, as one of our goals is to help give children opportunities to build connections to the Japanese-Canadian community in a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. We feel that children will play important roles in shaping the future of our community. \Want to see some great pictures from the Christmas Social? Be sure to check out and like our Facebook page at! For more information about Nikkei Place Foundation, other upcoming events, or volunteering please contact us at (604)777-2122 or visit our website Check out some wonderful photos from the event:

4th Community Awards and Fundraising Dinner

On Saturday, September 20, over 250 guests and volunteers joined together at Nikkei Centre to recognize the Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall, the Steveston Buddhist Temple and the JCCA Bulletin for the  Outstanding Community Service Award at the 4th Nikkei Place Community Awards and Fundraising Dinner presented by Canadian Tire. As well, David Suzuki was awarded the Nikkei Place Lifetime Achievement Award. Emceed by Justin Ault, owner of Hapa Izakaya and Nikkei Centre Board member, and Stephanie Florian, CTV Weathercaster, the evening was kicked off by Chibi Taiko performers Emiko Newman and Becky Jang. Guests were also treated to entertainment featuring Satsuki Kai led by Yoko Matsuno, hip hop dancing by Yoshi and a special performance by Moe Kida who was the winner of the children’s category of this year’s Nikkei’s Got Talent. The highlight of the evening was the speech made by David Suzuki where he talked very personally about his family upbringing. David Suzuki was joined by his wife, Dr. Tara Cullis, some family members, and Dan Nomura and Paul Kariya – two former Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre Board members. The fundraising drive, “Answer the Call,” raised $84,000 of its $100,000 goal. Funds raised will be used to help purchase “Call Buttons” for Nikkei Home residents and to help maintain the beautiful Nikkei Garden. Nine year-old child performer, Moe Kida, donated back her $100 honorarium to help “Answer the Call.” Thanks, Moe! If you would like to make a gift, please contact Nikkei Place Foundation at 604.777.2122 or Thank you very much.

Nikkei Matsuri – The Heart of Nikkei

Thanks to everyone who came out to the first-ever Nikkei Matsuri: the Heart of Nikkei on August 30 & 31, 2013!

It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves at our inaugural event. Thanks to the huge army of volunteers who made this event one that people are still talking about. We will have a full report in next month's "The Bulletin".