Nikkei Matsuri – The Heart of Nikkei

Thanks to everyone who came out to the first-ever Nikkei Matsuri: the Heart of Nikkei on August 30 & 31, 2013!

It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves at our inaugural event. Thanks to the huge army of volunteers who made this event one that people are still talking about. We will have a full report in next month's "The Bulletin".

3rd Annual Community Awards and Fundraising Dinner

On Saturday, September 21, over 250 people came together to celebrate the 3rd Annual Nikkei Place Community Awards and Fundraising Dinner at Nikkei Place. Seven individuals and organizations received awards, selected by the Nikkei Place Foundation Selections Committee, for building a strong and vibrant community at Nikkei place and beyond. Continue reading

2012 Nikkei Place Community Awards & Fundraising Dinner

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, over 300 friends and supporters filled the hall of Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre for the second annual Nikkei Place Community Awards & Fundraising Dinner.  The banquet was held to honour eight amazing individuals and groups for their hard work in building a strong and vibrant Community at Nikkei Place. The evening raised over $104,000 to support programs, services, research and exhibits at the National Nikkei Museum & Cultural Centre, Nikkei Home and New Sakura so.

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2011 Nikkei Place Community Awards & Fundraising Dinner

“I think everybody should know every culture…If we know the culture of each people we would have a better understanding of their nationalities.” Joyce Oikawa, Community Awards recipient
On September 24, 2011, an inaugural awards dinner was held at the Nikkei Centre to acknowledge Japanese Canadians who were instrumental in building a strong and vibrant community at Nikkei Place over the past decade. Part award ceremony, part fundraising dinner, the evening raised $85,000 for Nikkei Place. Paul Kariya, Nikkei Place Fund-Raising  Chair, said, “We exceeded our fund-raising goal at the Dinner but we still need to raise more to ensure our programs can  continue. We will continue to work hard to reach our target for 2011 of $300,000.” The more than 200 guests who attended enjoyed a cocktail reception in the Ellipse Lobby. Guests were then ushered into the Special Events hall by an invigorating taiko performance by John Endo Greenaway. Justin Ault was the charming Master of Ceremonies who kept the evening’s program flowing with clockwork precision following the keynote presentation by MLA Naomi Yamamoto, Minister of Advanced Education, who was introduced by Arthur Hara, past Chair of the UBC Board of Governors. VIP guests included Consul General of Japan Hideki Ito and Consul Yoichi Ikeda of the Japanese Consulate, Raj Chouhan MLA, Don Campbell, former Canadian Ambassador to Japan, and Arthur Hara, O.C. and past chairman of the Board of Governors of the University of British Columbia. View photo gallery here.

Justin Ault was the Master of Ceremonies who kept the evening’s program flowing with clockwork precision.

The keynote presentation was given by Naomi Yamamoto, Minister of Advanced Education.

Amanda Wood

The Leadership Award Presented to Linda Ohama For exemplifying leadership, philanthropy or service to the Nikkei Community & beyond. Community Service Award Presented to Joyce Oikawa For exceptional contributions to the well being of Nikkei Place, its peoples and/or its programs. Special Events Award Presented to Nobuji Hirosawa & Hiromi Kobayashi For their exceptional contribution in organizing fundraising special events to support Nikkei Place or its capital campaign. Quiet Endeavor Award Presented to Tom Teranishi & Sakuya Nishimura An individual who quietly contributed to the well being of Nikkei Place without seeking recognition. Philanthropy Award Presented to Robert Nimi An individual who has consistently made significant contributions to the creation and sustainability of Nikkei Place. Award of Distinction Presented to the Vancouver Japanese Gardener’s Association The Award of Distinction is for an organization that has helped build a strong and vibrant community, developed capacity at Nikkei Place and maintained the spirit of good will within Nikkei Place. Nikkei Heritage Award Presented to Yoko Murakami, President, Gladstone Japanese Language School For individual instructor or organizer who exemplifies promoting and preserving Nikkei history, heritage, culture or education at Nikkei Place. Honourary Builders Acknowledgement Nikkei Place acknowledged a group of individuals who together made Nikkei Place possible. They were volunteers who took a vision of a cultural centre, museum, health care and seniors housing located on one site, and brought this concept from vision to reality. The Honourary Builders acknowledged: The late Eddie Ando, Robert Banno, Ruth Coles, Mitsuo Hayashi, The late Robert Iwata, Gordon Kadota, Robert Nimi, The late George Oikawa, and Sam Yamamoto.

Golf Tournament 2011

6th Annual Nikkei Classic Golf Tournament Greenacres Golf & Country Club 5040 No. 6 Road, Richmond 604.273.1121 1st tee time or shotgun start (TBD) $130 / per person includes golf, dinner, and participation gift Call 604.777.7000 to register or call Ken Yada at 604.876.1949 Net proceeds will go to fund programs of the National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre and to the Japan Earthquake Fund On Sunday, June 26, the 6th Annual Nikkei Classic Golf Tournament will take place to raise funds in support of programs and activities taking place at Nikkei Centre. On this day over 100 Japanese Canadians, Japanese Immigrants, and their friends will join together to enjoy a round of golf and banquet dinner at Greenacres Golf & Country Club in Richmond, BC. There will be prizes, a silent auction, and each guest will receive a gift. Net proceeds will be donated to the Nikkei Centre. Tournament organizer, Ken Yada, and his group of volunteers have raised over $55,000 over the last five years. This year we hope to raise an additional $15,000.  Funds raised will support the following types of activities: Educational Programs: Each year over 2,000 students and teachers from BC’s public school system come to the Nikkei Centre for a curriculum-based educational tour that educates them about the unique Japanese experience in Canada. Learning about other cultures and about social justice issues helps our future generations become stronger and more tolerant Canadians. Archives and Collections: Thousands of items have been donated to the Japanese Canadian National Museum and are kept in our archive and collections division. All Canadians can enjoy artifacts that help preserve Japanese Canadian Heritage. These help bridge the gap between past and future generations and help honour the efforts of our parents and grandparents. Preservation of Japanese Canadian Heritage is important for future generations of Japanese Canadians wanting to know more about their past. Cultural Programming: Nikkei Centre features several Japan related programs such as Japanese Language Instruction, Martial Arts, Flower Arranging, Brush Stroke Painting, and more. These programs are critical for helping Japanese immigrants preserve their culture and Canadians interested in learning about Japanese culture. Support programs and activities and join us at the 6th Annual Nikkei Classic Golf Tournament!   Tournament Committee Ken & Dorothy Yada Henry Wakabayashi Leslie Wada Josh Coward Tommy Li Sherri Kajiwara Joey Oikawa Fred Yada Naoto Horita Simon Gee

The Art of Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani

I am so pleased that we are able to bring this heartwarming exhibit to the Japanese Canadian National Museum. As the only museum in Canada directly representing people of Japanese ancestry, it is our mandate to bring awareness of Nikkei history, culture, art and contemporary issues through as many perspectives as possible. The New York Times described Jimmy Mirikitani’s life as “a fascinating story of injustice and endurance.” I think his art presents a narrative of tragedy, resilience and humanity. Beth Carter, Director-Curator Japanese Canadian National Museum
National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre presents The Art of Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani January 15 – March 25, 2011 The unique art of Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani, a Japanese American man dealing with homelessness, internment and the impacts of war will be showcased at the Japanese Canadian National Museum at Nikkei Place from January 15 to March 26, 2011. Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani is a fiercely independent, 90-year-old Japanese American artist who lost his family and friends to the United States internment camps during World War II and Hiroshima's atomic bombing. He survived the trauma and homelessness by creating art every day. This remarkable exhibition about the art and life of Mr. Mirikitani is a heart-rending exploration of the lasting impacts of war and discrimination, and the healing power of creativity. The Art of Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani exhibit is part of the NNMHC’s vision to engage with the diverse communities of people of Japanese ancestry. It is our mission to preserve and promote Japanese Canadian history, arts, and culture through vibrant programs and exhibits that connect generations and inspire diverse audiences. Issues of war, discrimination and homelessness are global issues that need to be also addressed within the community. Your support today can have a lasting impact on exhibit attendees who are from the Japanese Canadian community, general public and teachers and students in the BC public school system. Exhibits like The Art of Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani exhibit are made possible only through the generosity of supporters like you. Please consider lending your support t0day to help share the art and life of Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani with other Canadians and to raise awareness around these important issues.
The Japanese Canadian National Museum offers a contemplative environment to experience culturally relevant, informative, and visually beautiful exhibitions. Both the main museum space and the 2nd floor hallway salon allow for diverse expressions of creativity.  Thanks to the leadership of Museum Director/Curator Beth Carter and her talented museum team, the 2011 exhibition roster is sure to delight visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Sherri Kajiwara, Acting Executive Director National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre