We raised over $60,000 to help Beat the Odds of dementia at our 2017 NPF Charity Golf Tournament + Fundraiser!

The 2017 NPF Golf Committee greatly appreciates your assistance in helping us raise over $60,000 for the Nikkei Seniors Health Care & Housing Society (NSHCHS) on Friday, May 26th, 2017 at Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby!
Funds raised help support and broaden the reach of the Nimi Nikkei Home’s aim of enhancing quality of life for seniors, caregivers, and families. Your generosity goes directly towards multiple initiatives, including day programs for seniors living with dementia, wellness and dementia education for families, exercise programs for older adults with mobility issues, and the construction of a dedicated seniors’ activity room, opening in early 2018.
Once again, we would also like to extend our thanks to Strand Properties Corporation, Bosa Properties, Self Storage Depot, Mr. Ken Yada and Family, Fujiya, ONNI Group, Interworld, the Keg Steakhouse + Bar, the Jack Gin Foundation and the LJB Foundation. None of this would have been possible without our generous Sponsors, Donors, Golfers and Volunteers. Thanks to overwhelming response, our growing tournament sold out for the second year in a row! Please reserve your foursome for next year’s tournament to avoid disappointment. Stay tuned for our announcement and event date for 2018.

For some fantastic photos of the day’s events and a complete showcase of sponsors and donors click here!

Nikkei Seniors Health Care announces a $1 million gift from Jane Nimi in memory of Robert Nimi

Burnaby, BC  November 01, 2016 –Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society, is honoured to announce that it has received a $1 million gift from Jane Nimi, a long time supporter and volunteer in the Japanese Canadian community. “This gift is in memory of my late husband Robert Nimi, he was dedicated to the care of seniors and wanted to see this happen during his lifetime. Today, we are giving this gift of his dream to the Society” said Jane Nimi, wife of the late Robert Nimi. With this generous tranformational gift from the Nimis', Nikkei Home is embarking on a renovation project that will enable seniors to reside longer at the assisted living residences by incorporating design and equipment. Cathy Makihara, executive director for the Society offered “The renovated suites will allow seniors to continue to enjoy the life they created at Nikkei Home for years to come. And, with the development of a larger and more spacious activity room, seniors will be able to enjoy a greater number of healthy activities for both body and mind. This donation will make a significant impact for seniors, and fits with Nikkei Place's theme this year of Feels Like Home.” “It is incredibly exciting and we are greatly honored and appreciative of Jane’s and the family gift. This is a wonderful gift through which we celebrate our long and close friendship with Jane and remember fondly working side by side with Bob.” said Society president Ruth Coles. Renovation is expected to begin in early 2017, and the Society will be proudly unveiling the new name of Robert Nimi Nikkei Home on November 16, 2016.  Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society operates with funding from the provincial government and the incredible support of donors, volunteers and staff.   For more information: Cathy Makihara Executive Director, Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society 604-777-5000 (ext 2003) or cmakihara@nikkeiplace.org

Jane Nimi receives Honorary Lifetime Membership

In spring this year, Jane Nimi received Honorary Lifetime Membership. This recognition is belated as you can imagine, any person who receives a lifetime membership has been serving the organizations for many years. Jane, is a good friend to us all here at Nikkei Place, and we have appreciated her support through the years to the seniors and to the cultural community.

Jane helped create a thriving flower arrangement program at Nikkei Home. For over 15 years, she served as a volunteer on various programs including the ever popular blood pressure measure at the Powel Street Festival.

And, to some she is best known as the stalwart and backbone of support to her late husband, Robert, who served for many years on the boards of both organization, and notably the president of the Nikkei Seniors Health and Housing Society for numerous years. We are the grateful members of our community who have benefited from Jane’s kindness, dedication and service. The Nikkei Place Honorary Lifetime Membership is a joint effort of the organizations to recognize those individuals who have been a member volunteer for 10 years or more and have been an outstanding individual for 20 years or more. Nikkei Place will be recognizing individuals each year, and Jane Nimi is the first recipient. As an Honorary Lifetime Member Jane will receive a membership for life from both organizations. Congratulations and thank you Jane! Group photo Ruth RTB Bob Jane

Nikkei Seniors launches the Iki Iki (Lively, Lively!) dementia friendly program toolkit

Iki Iki Lively Lively! is a pioneer day program for seniors living with dementia, and for seniors requiring easier-paced activities. One of its unique features is the opportunity for other seniors and volunteers to take lead roles in program delivery.
Nikkei Seniors has created an Iki Iki (Lively, Lively!) program toolkit (available in English, Japanese, and French) that aims to help any community group, organization or individuals launch their own version of their Iki Iki (Lively, Lively!) dementia-friendly social day program.
Click here to find out more about their community programs or click the image below to find out more about their Iki Iki (Lively, Lively!) program toolkit. Iki Iki Program Toolkit

Seniors at Nikkei Place

Maintaining senior’s independence at Nikkei Place is a cornerstone of its two housing programs. Highlights of New Sakura-so and Nikkei Home • Neighbours and friends are close by for socialization and mutual support • Families are secure in knowing their loved ones you are in a safe and secure apartment • Self contained apartment units • Both housing programs value social programs to maintain senior’s independence • At New Sakura-so staff is available to provide information on how to navigate through the system • Nikkei Home has onsite caregivers • At Nikkei Home, what you can do yourself, you are encouraged to do *New Sakura-so and Nikkei Home is a subsidized housing program, and therefore income requirements must all be met.  Detailed information is available at the Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing office located at Nikkei Home.
For the independent senior: New Sakura-so New Sakura-so is apartment living for seniors who can live independently and want to live within the Nikkei community. These 600-square-foot one-bedroom apartments are spacious and peaceful. Residents can join a “neighbour helping neighbour  program;” keep busy and involved through volunteer jobs at the apartment; and take part in a gourmet lunch program from Tonari Gumi. An outreach coordinator visits semi-monthly to coordinate activities and encourage tenants to maintain their independence. Statistics on New Sakura-so • Average age of tenants: 80 years • Average length of tenancy:  9 years • Move outs to Nikkei Home per year:  up to 3 • Preferred Language: 70% Japanese, 28% English, 2% Other • Opened: 1998
For those who need more support: Nikkei Home Community living has appeal to seniors who want a community lifestyle with activities, visitors and support, but still can manage an apartment suite with a little help. Nikkei Home is an assisted living residence offering a range of services – personal support, meals and social activities. Statistics on Nikkei Home • Average age of residents: 88 years • Average length of residency:  5 years • Average Number of Care Hours per quarter: 6,300 hours • Average Number of Care Hours per day: 1.1 hours • Preferred Language: 66% English; 31% Japanese, 3% Other • Milestones:  Celebrated 100 years of age – 9 seniors • Opened: 2002
Seniors’ Housing: How it all works For seniors (aged 55+) there are a few minimum qualifications required to reside at either of the homes. •    Applicants must permanently reside in British Columbia when applying •    For Nikkei Home, a senior must be qualified to receive BC Medical; and have been assessed through their local health authority to qualify for assisted living Statistics on Seniors Activities? • Number of activities per month: 111 • Number of volunteers: 85 • Average age of participants: 83 • Average numbers seniors who participate: 3-25 WEEKLY ACTIVITIES Arts & Crafts Bilingual Movies Bingo Card Game Chair Exercise Chairorobics Crib Easy Exercise Hot Dog BBQ Ikebana Karaoke Knit-and-Chat Laughter Yoga Nikkei Home Store Osteofit Scrabble Taiso & Karaoke at Nikkei Centre Walking Club Wii Bowling MONTHLY ACTIVITIES Birthday parties for the residents Bus trips around Greater Vancouver Gateball at Nikkei Centre Gourmet Club and Crafting by Tonari Gumi Outing to a casino Shopping trips to the mall Luncheon trip Seasonal special lunches

Emergency Call @ Nikkei Home

Emergency Call is A 24/7 support system allowing our loved ones to live independently with peace of mind. Nikkei Home is updating its communications system to provide a new level of peace of mind by installing a new Emergency Call system for its 59 residents. This means seniors live independently, alerting staff any time and anywhere on the premises when they need help. Emergency Call facilitates a home like environment while ensuring quality of life. It is a 2-way call system and is an essential part of the complete solution of offering support to our residents. It includes a Nurse/Resident Assistant wireless pendant connected to a platform operating 24 hours day, 7 days a week. On pressing one button help will be on the way. Benefits of this program are: Peace of mind for residents; easy to use; ensures longer independence and privacy; 2-way call system provides residents with direct communication with staff members on duty – people who they know; helps staff locate residents in need; and helps monitor response times to residents in need Here is a special opportunity for you to make a significant and positive impact on the lives of seniors wanting to live independently and need the supports available at Nikkei Home. Your generosity will provide peace of mind for residents and their families, allow residents to love independently longer, and may potentially help save lives.

New Sakura-so Lifestyle @ Nikkei Place

New Sakura-so’s garden is tenderly cared for by tenants with help from the gardener and local flower providers. One afternoon in April, while slowly driving out of Nikkei Place, I noticed two ladies at the corner of Kingsway and Sperling, tending to a flower garden made for the upcoming Polygon condominium project, “Luna”. They seemed on first glance to be a couple of ladies digging up faded flowers. As one glanced up to wipe her brow, I could see they were tenants of New Sakura-so—Ida-san and Ingrid-san. In their resourceful ways, I imagine that they were saving money by finding re-usable plants, and would have contacted the project across the street for the flowers. Moving forward to June, in front of New Sakura-so, are the prettiest marigolds. Fully in bloom, in bright orange, red, and burnt orange, there are possibly 500 marigolds appearing everywhere, creating the border for the long lasting, recurring perennials. I think I also see a cluster of daffodils. I see again, it’s Ida-san and Ingrid-san, in the garden, deadheading old flowers, and tending to the marigolds generously donated by Bob-san, who grow these flowers from seed for the National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre’s Volunteer Auxiliary plant sale. Many flats must have gone to New Sakura-so. They are now brightening up the scenery for the senior’s residence. The New Sakura-so gardens—both in the front and the vegetable garden on the west side, where the beans, potatoes, herbs, green onions and other vegetables grow—are a labor of love. Living in an apartment, hasn’t taken away one of life’s greatest pleasures. Thank you very much to Ida-san, Ingrid-san, volunteers, and the donors of all the special plants, for enhancing the lifestyle at New Sakura-so and letting those of us who walk by the garden enjoy the fruits of your labor. I hear that in winter, the pansies come out! New Sakura-so and Nikkei Home are operated by the Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society, a charitable organization.