Iki Iki Program

Nikkei Seniors launches the Iki Iki (Lively, Lively!) dementia friendly program toolkit

Iki Iki Lively Lively! is a pioneer day program for seniors living with dementia, and for seniors requiring easier-paced activities. One of its unique features is the opportunity for other seniors and volunteers to take lead roles in program delivery.

Nikkei Seniors has created an Iki Iki (Lively, Lively!) program toolkit (available in English, Japanese, and French) that aims to help any community group, organization or individuals launch their own version of their Iki Iki (Lively, Lively!) dementia-friendly social day program.

Click here to find out more about their community programs or click the image below to find out more about their Iki Iki (Lively, Lively!) program toolkit.

Iki Iki Program Toolkit

Kazuko’s health tips #12: Soothe the Eyes

和子の耳より小話(パート12): 『目を癒す 』

By: Kazuko Ikegawa

Spring is making its way here. In oriental medicine, it is said that spring is the season where the liver starts to function in full. In light of this, here is some Yoga wisdom related to the liver to soothe the eyes. Use this technique any time the eyes are tired, such as after staring at a computer screen or driving!


Use those eye muscles! • 目の筋肉を使おう!

YOGA pose-011 | Sit in a comfortable position on a chair or floor, straighten the arm, stick your thumb in the air and raise it to eye level. Focus your eyes on the base of the thumb nail.

2 | Move the thumb you are focusing on ever so slowly toward the nose. If it does not come into focus, stop, slowly extend the arm back out as far as it goes and start over. When the eyes focus, you’re exercising their muscles.

3 | After finishing, rub the hands together until warm and cover the eyes to soothe them. Keep them there for a short while, imagining the energy from your palms reaching out and relaxing the eyes
終わった後は手のひらをこすり合わせ て、温かくなった手のひらを目の上にかぶせて、目を癒します。手のひらのエネルギーが目の奥に届いて目を癒すイメージをしながらしばらく手を当てます。 (この目を癒す手あては、パソコンで疲れたときや、運転で目が疲れたときなど、いつでも行っていただいて結構です!

Kazuko - Yoga InstructorKazuko’s Yoga offers easy yoga for all, including seniors and beginners

ナマステ   Namaste

Please contact Kazuko at kaz_ikegawa@hotmail.com for more information on yoga classes.

Kickstart your Adrenal Glands!


Ever wonder why as we grow older, our hair becomes thinner and loses its glossy sheen?

The organs that deal with the youthful qualities of our hair are the adrenal glands. Considering this, here is one pressure point called yusen, which enhances kidney function and will kick-start your adrenal glands to give your hair some extra nourishment. This pressure point is versatile, increasing not only your hair’s nourishment but also your stamina and energy. By simply applying pressure here, blood circulation improves and your body becomes warm. On the days you are not feeling well, please give this pressure point a try.


Tips of the month • 肝臓を労わる
By Keiko (恵子)

Enhance your kidney function • 腎臓機能も高める万能のツボ

Yusen-01Name of pressure point: Yusen

Benefits: Belongs to kidney meridian and increases kidney and liver function. Also renews energy, promotes hair growth, slows hair loss and helps poor circulation.
効能: 腎経の経絡に属していて、腎臓と肝臓の機能を高めます。気力の回復、育毛促進、抜け毛、冷え性。

Location: Bend your toes and find the small depression near the ball of your foot. Yusen is not only good for pressing; it is also effective if you hit it with your fist about 100 times a day. Also, it’s good to try putting a golf ball under your foot, line it up with yusen, and roll it around (do this while seated).

Blue Planet Reflex
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Heart Chakra

Kazuko’s health tips #11: Open Your Heart

By: Kazuko Ikegawa

The word “chakra” (meaning “wheel” or “circle” in Sanskrit) is often used in Yoga, and refers to the energy centers in our bodies from which energy flows through. The body has a total of seven chakras, each representing different life situations. This month, we feature an exercise to open your heart chakra, otherwise known as anahata. It is said anahata is related to love and compassion. With this yoga position, you can open your heart and become a yogi who is able to convey love to both yourself and to other people.

This pose is done in a sitting position, and can even be done while sitting on a chair. It’s great for break times at the office. Opening the chest area improves the function of your bronchial tubes, respiratory system and thyroid. Please give it a try!



the heart chakra (“anahata”) • ハートオープン

1 |  Sit, folding your legs comfortably (or sit in “seiza style”, kneeling with feet tucked underneath the body).

2 |  Pull the shoulders back, drawing the shoulder blades closer together and interlace the fingers of both hands behind your back.

3 |  Reach your joined hands to the floor (if possible), look upward and stretch the middle of the chest toward the sky. Make sure to lift the center of the breastbone!

Kazuko - Yoga InstructorKazuko’s Yoga offers easy yoga for all, including seniors and beginners

いますナマステ   Namaste

Please contact Kazuko at kaz_ikegawa@hotmail.com for more information on yoga classes.

Kazuko’s Practical Tips for a Healthy Life (part 4) Staying Young with a Good Posture

和子の耳より小話4話 『正しい姿勢が若さを保つ!』











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Ishikawa Family Judo Club: Making good use of physical and mental strength

石川ファミリー柔道クラブ 〜心身の力を、有効に使う道〜

We interviewed Takao Izumi, who is a holder of a black belt in judo and is the head instructor and president of Ishikawa Family Judo Club. The members of the club have been competing in the Canadian Judo Nationals every year, and this year won the coveted Canadian champion award in the U18 category as well as a third place in U16. In his twenties, Izumi had fun training in a dojo in Japan, but it was also a humbling learning experience. “Although judo is a combat sport, I believe its ultimate goal is not to defeat the opponent but to train ourselves to become stronger,” Izumi says. “Judo can be a dangerous sport, involving techniques like throwing, choking, and joint locking. So in a sense it’s a training to help one another to hone our skills and be respectful and kind to one another.”

In 1994, Takao Izumi began offering a new judo class at Nakajima Dojo in Burnaby.  At the time the father of three children aged five, seven, and nine, Izumi worked with other parents of small children who had experience in judo. The goal was to give young children and their parents a chance to learn judo while having fun together. Izumi and his classmates steadily improved their skills as they participated in one competition after another. In 1997, Izumi opened his own Ishikawa Family Judo Club on Canada Way. The club has been with Nikkei Centre since 2004.

Q: What made you open your own judo club?

A: Initially, I wanted my kids to learn judo in Canada. I wanted to create an environment where I can teach Japanese judo to my children. My thinking was that if I had my own dojo, I could give my children a great exposure to Japanese judo.

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和子の耳より小話3話 『初夏はデトックスの季節』 Kazuko’s Practical Tips for a Healthy Life (part 3) Early summer: time to detox





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“The ACTIVATOR” – making a difference in people’s lives

The Nikkei Place Foundation (NPF) had an opportunity to hear from Mandy Shintani, who is the Fundrasing Chair of JC War Memorial Campaign.

Mandy-ShintaniQ. Why do you volunteer at Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (NNMCC)?

A. The Nikkei Museum and the cenotaph represents to me all of the challenges and hardship that my parents, aunts and uncles went through as Canadian citizens, all for the sole purpose of providing their children with an exceptional life. I have really enjoyed volunteering at the NNMCC to raise funds for the renovation of the cenotaph.

One way that she works to provide people with an exceptional life is through her own work as the co-owner and co-developer of ACTIVATOR poles at Urban Poling.

Here is her story.

About nine years ago, I began to pursue the dream of developing an innovative tool which I named ACTIVATOR poles to be used for the purposes of therapy as a replacement for canes, crutches and, in some cases, walkers. To my surprise and delight, our Urban Poling poles also became a popular exercise device for general fitness and wellness now enjoyed by thousands of Canadians of all ages and fitness levels.

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Kazuko’s Practical Tips for a Healthy Life (part 2) The Rejuvenating Power of the Earth

『 和子の耳より小話(パート2) 〜体に地球のエネルギーをチャージ〜』















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池側和子(いけがわ・かずこ)Kazuko Ikegawa


2010年9月  ももこ鈴木パウルス師の全米ヨガアライアンス認定インストラクター200時間修了

2013年8月Waylon Belding師のZuddha Yogaティーチャー・トレイニング修了。

2013年11月陰ヨガの代表的指導者Bernie Clark師の陰ヨガティーチャー・トレイニングを修了。


Sep. 2010: 200 hours of the U.S. Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training with Momoko Suzuki-Powles

Aug. 2013: Zuddha Yoga teacher training with Waylon Belding

Nov. 2013: Yin Yoga Training Course with Bernie Clark, a leading Yin Yoga instructor

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