War Memorial Campaign: “They Went To War”

NFP-Post-RemDay01In 2014, commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War I, the Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee with the Nikkei Place Foundation will raise $15,000 to restore the Cenotaph in Stanley Park, reproduce the Japanese Canadian Legion #9 flag, and replace of the plaque that dedicates the monument. This iconic monument is a lasting memorial and testament to the ultimate sacrifice Japanese Canadians were willing to make for freedom and justice. It is serves as a symbol for the battles fought for Canada and the fight for equal status amongst Canadians. Some 222 Japanese Canadian Volunteers served in World War I, and 54 of them made the ultimate sacrifice: their young lives. It was for these men that the Japanese community erected this monument on April 9, 1920. Continue reading

Nikkei Fishermen Families’ Challenge

In Honour Of Our Nikkei Fishermen And Their Legacy Donation Challenge Campaign: May 1 - September 1, 2013 From the bustling docks of Steveston to remote inlets on the northern coast, Japanese Canadians made many unique contributions to commercial fishing in British Columbia, both pre- and post-war. With pride and perseverance, the Nikkei fishing community proved themselves as highly skilled and hard-working fishermen and cannery workers and built a new life as Canadian citizens. Nikkei Fishermen Families' Challenge We are asking you to help us preserve the legacy of our Nikkei fishing pioneers. We are inviting all Nikkei Fishermen Families to make a monetary gift to help us protect and maintain the history of Japanese Canadians in the fishing industry. These funds will assist with the remaining Ryoshi exhibit costs, help plan other future exhibits, and ensure that archival materials and collections are preserved by the Nikkei Centre for future generations. Continue reading