Our culture brings people together and connects us.
It’s open, inclusive, and being together has a huge social impact.

Our "All Together Now" and "All Together Now: Togetherness Heals" campaigns are about working to tackle one of Canada's and our community's unspoken crises — loneliness and isolation —
by funding culture and health care to create a 'togetherness heals' movement.

Learn more: All Together Now at Nikkei Centre |  All Together Now: Togetherness Heals at Nikkei Seniors

Where does your donation go?

All Together Now at Nikkei Centre — 
All donations made to this campaign will go towards supporting youth and adults alike in developing skills and abilities to become more adept individuals and leaders. It will support developing Nikkei Centre's efforts to develop cultural awareness and volunteerism at Nikkei Place by helping fund new programs and initiatives that aim to help individuals be all that they can be.

All Together Now: Togetherness Heals at Nikkei Seniors — 
All donations made to this campaign will go towards supporting the growing needs of seniors in our community. It will support Nikkei Place's "Memory Focus Programs" like Iki Iki and Seniors Lounge, and "Seniors Together Programs" like Kui Do Raku (Eat, Chat, Relax), Health Clinic, and Tea & Chat. They work to keep seniors connected to others and engaged in activities outside the home by offering opportunities to learn how to manage life better and live more actively.

Together we can do more.

Please give generously —  |  604 777 2122  |  find us on facebook